• Chris Huntoon

Covid-19 Update

Dear Open Bible Fellowship family,

The guidelines, restrictions, and coverage concerning the Covid-19 is changing daily as well as those whose lives are affected by its spread and susceptibility. Currently our governmental leadership has issued directives at both the federal and state levels with the intention of slowing down the transmission of this virus, enable hospitals to better manage the influx of patients, and help protect those of us who could be at higher risk. Open Bible Fellowship intends to respect these guidelines by complying with the restrictions out of a heart of love for those worshipping with us at our location. We do not want to be driven by fear, but instead led by the God of all wisdom and compassion, and Who instructs us to obey those placed in authority over us.

It is with this attitude that we have chosen to cancel our Sunday services and Bible study sessions indefinitely until it is safe to be together in a corporate and group setting. Those in our governmental leadership are still unsure of how great of an affect this virus will have on all of us, but whatever we can do to help protect the most vulnerable of our population will reap benefits that we may never fully realize.

While all of us share the disappointment of not being able to gather, worship, and fellowship together and participate personally in each other’s lives, please allow me to remind all of us that we are still the same loving and generous church body even though we are physically separated. Please let me encourage each of you to use this time to stretch yourselves by choosing to reach out to one another through phone calls, text messages, and emails. Make it a goal to contact one person (or more) each day and let them know you are thinking of them. This kind of care shown to one another can have a tremendous effect on our church body and begin to plant seeds that will reap a harvest of unity unprecedented in our life as a church.

To also help unite us we are planning to broadcast weekly Sunday morning messages in which I will share from God’s Word via Facebook / Youtube / OBF webpage to assist us in focusing on Jesus Christ and the hope He provides as we continue to journey toward the Easter holiday. His hope is what we need especially in these trying times. And as we keep our eyes on Him He will empower us to be humble and serve as we consider the needs of those in our fellowship as well as those next door to us and beyond.

You are truly loved and missed!

Pastor Kurt

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